“If you stay here, you become lost. And no one can find you."

Note: This is a list of different services, some items may impede others. This is up to you to decide which services if any you decide to use and how to use them.

Table of contents:

>> Authentication
>> Books
>> Browser
>> Crypto
>> Developer Tools
>> Domain Registrar
>> Encryption
>> File Sharing
>> Frontends & Social Media
>> Email Providers
Plausible Deniability
>> Messengers
>> Operating System
>> Password Managers
>> Search Engine
>> Upcoming


Multi-factor authentication is extremely important as it provides multiple layers to your account even if your password is compromised.



Your browser contains everything you do. It is the main entry point onto your system, along with the main privacy & security risk.

Browser Extensions

Extensions help increase privacy, at the cost of a more unique browser fingerprint. None of these should be installed on Tor Browser.




Developer Tools

Domain Registrar

Registering a domain anonymously is very important, especially considering they can reveal a lot about you in a whois search if you haven’t paid for “whois protection”. These services will protect you.


Your files should always be encrypted. Even if your devices are compromised, your files should be safe assuming you’ve set things up properly.

File Sharing

Sharing files can often times be difficult task. These are some applications that can securely share files.

Frontends & Social Media

Frontends act as a proxy between you and the service without tracking or revealing your IP address to said service.



Medium - Scribe
Reddit - Libreddit
Twitter - Nitter
Wikipedia - Wikiless
YouTube - Invidious


Reddit - Aether
Twitter - Mastadon
YouTube - Peertube
YouTube - Odysee


Reddit - Slide (Mobile)
YouTube - NewPipe (Mobile)

Email Providers

Email is a necessary evil that is required in this world. Email is inherently insecure, which means your email provider can read any of your messages. These providers offer encryption, anonymity and security.


This provides multiple aliases for your emails, so you do not have to reveal your true email address. This is extremely useful especially if you are worried about your email being leaked.

Plausible Deniability

Tools to help with plausible deniability


Your messages must be secure as they reveal a lot about you. Choosing an encrypted messenger will prevent any unauthorized users from reading any of your messages.




Operating System

Your operating system is the most important part, if it is insecure then you can assume any activities done are also compromised.

Password Managers

Password managers are a great way to both securely and remember all of your passwords. Your passwords are saved in an encrypted database, which you only need to remember 1 password while generating secure passwords for all of your accounts.

Search Engine

Your search engine knows a lot about you. This information is often times sold to 3rd parties and given away to government agencies. They often show biased search results. Choose a better one here.


The following are currently being researched: